Drupal Camps are incredible!

06 August, 2019
Drupal Camps are incredible!
Drupal Camp Pannonia 2019 recap

Last year in autumn we attended the first Drupal Camp Pannonia and it was a blast! Organization, speakers, attendees, side content and details, everything was perfect. Not to mention the legendary party, great food, and snacks.

Drupal Camp Pannonia in it’s second year proves that quality, and great feedback that  everybody gave the first year, can be improved and pushed to the new limit. This year maybe with fewer attendees, it is holiday season after all, but with more ease in everything that was happening.

Event organization

The minute you arrive and see that the welcoming party is a full buffet, several coffee machines and a fridge full of cool beverages, you understand that there was someone thinking about what people want to see in the morning. Attention to detail is evident when you register and receive your welcoming package, which is a very nicely designed backpack full of goodies.

Event coverage was great with professional photographers and session recordings. And now we are all waiting for now-famous sketches, photos and videos to be uploaded.

Evening events were hosted and organized with care, and Friday party Band gave us the chills, it was so good!


Attendee and speaker mix was really great, from rock stars to first time presenters, seasoned camp dwellers and first time attendees. Although it was recognized that we all as community in general have problems attracting new people, especially from younger groups, it was good to see some first time attendees.

Highlighted sessions

Even though all sessions were very good, in my opinion much better than last year, several draw my personal attention.

Drupal 9

Gábor Hojtsy presented what is ahead of us in regards to Drupal 9. Without going into details, his main points were:

Scheduled releases -
Amount of contrib that is already Drupal 9 ready
Tools that we all have to prepare our custom / project code for Drupal 9 on existing Drupal 8 projects
How to prepare Drupal 7 project for migration
Biggest impression for the majority of people I talked to, is the way we are going to transition to Drupal 9 and how Drupal 9 is going to be released based on Drupal 8 directly. Given what headaches we survived during Drupal 8 development and what all of us invested into switching to work with Drupal 8, my personal opinion is that current planning for Drupal 8 and 9 releases is a huge, huge thing.

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