An extra pair of seasoned dev hands for your internal team

In the sea of software development companies, picking the right development team can be challenging. Especially if you're working on huge projects and wish to avoid costly errors. Here's why Develomon might be the right choice for you.


Plug-and-play team

We're OK with Agile, Waterfall and hybrid models.


Experienced in corporate-sized projects

We're focused on building solid and massive software, used by millions.


Down-to-earth, hype-free

It's socially desirable to do virtue-signaling, but honestly, we want to do our jobs, deliver what we promise and grab a nice beef steak at the end of the day.


Fluent in english

We can't really talk about philosophy but all things tech from the dot-com bubble burst to Drupal 9, sure.

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As open source admirers and locally known as "Drupal people", we actively contribute to the community and participate in Drupal conferences.

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Symfony PHP

Symfony PHP is great for building robust applications in an enterprise context because it's highly customizable and developer-friendly. Finish your PHP projects with help of our developers.

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Android Native

Get access to senior Android NDK developers and make sure your apps follow industry standards and get done on time.

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Being an open-source JavaScript library and having a huge community of contributors, React.js was a natural tech stack choice for our team

Here's how our team can strengthen your internal capacity


Web consultancy

Harness our vast experience and pick the right stack for your project, even if you decide to build it with another vendor. Get the straight talk on what works best, no sugar-coating or tech fluff. Just solid, practical advice to get your project rolling the right way.



All of our projects and ideas revolve around building durable stuff. Our employees stay here for a long time. Our clients as well. We avoid hastiness and hustle culture. Mostly because we'd like to have a long life.



We like to call ourselves "an organized Wild West". Every employee has enough autonomy to organize their tasks, as well as space to voice their opinions. This prevents pressure and stress.



Those 8 hours you spend in an office should be pleasant as much as possible. We don't do "corporate stuff", "mandatory team buildings", "harsh performance reviews"... A nice, regular talk is all it takes to bond, get to know the person, their needs, hopes and struggles.

Read the story behind those values

Projects we're honestly proud of

But feel free to contact us and ask for more information

Sometimes you just need to finish a project

Sometimes you just need more people to actually pull off that enterprise-level solution, but it's hard to hire developers nowadays. Your recruiters are probably working day in day out to find talent

Skip searches and recruitment for now by calling Develomon, a 15-people team specialized in massive projects that has access to local talent.

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Got in touch with Develomon through a friend. Together with the efforts of the employees involved, we built a beautiful product with a good price-quality ratio and had fun in the process.

MikelFernandes Mendes
The Go-To

Drupal is not as popular as WordPress, but it is still the second most popular CMS in the world. If it is taken into account that it is "Designed with experienced developers in mind", the conclusion is that it is not easy to find an agency that can develop and then maintain a website made in Drupal. Especially in Serbia. We found such an agency in Develomon.

Head of Marketing and Communication

The ability to adapt to changes in the market and to quickly respond to the needs of our requests are just some of the things that have contributed to the success of our cooperation which has lasted for more than 8 years. I would like to emphasize your professionalism and loyalty, which are invaluable in our business relationship. Your ability to always be ready to help and provide support in all situations is truly impressive. I expect to continue our successful cooperation and further growth in the future.

Head of IT

We had the pleasure of working with Develomon on a very demanding website project, which was also a first for us in terms of complexity and scope. Not only did the project turn out to be a roaring success, but we were also delighted with the planning and support received from Miki and his team – they were always available, proactive, and good listeners and they effortlessly handled what were, admittedly, often very pedantic requests. Their technical aptitude is unparalleled and their attitude winning, therefore they come very highly recommended.


It is wonderful to cooperate with such professionals. Fast and efficient execution of new projects. Long-term support and upgrading of previously completed projects. Until retirement with them


We have worked with Miki and his team for over 15 years now and his team has delivered on a constant basis. Their knowledge of code, design, UI, and UX and the fact that all are fluent in English make it super easy to work with. We would not work with anyone else.

Cofa media

Cooperation with Develomon was highly professional. From the moment of recognizing our needs and wishes for the introduction of a new part of the site, we had excellent communication and support from the people engaged in the task. We resolved all suggestions and doubts together so that we as users would be satisfied with the solution.

Best Buddies