Drupal, SCSS, JavaScript

Moongro platform development

Moongro platform development

Case study: Moongro platform development

Client: Moongro - talent recruitment company

Industry: Recruitment and human resources

Technologies used: Drupal, SCSS, JavaScript


Moongro is an innovative talent recruitment company with a network of websites covering various sectors. They aim to be the premier destination for Graduates, Young Professionals, and Professionals seeking their next career opportunity.

Project goals

  1. Develop a comprehensive recruitment platform that primarily focuses on recruiting students
  2. Feature job openings from some of the largest companies, mainly in the Dutch and Belgian markets.
  3. Integrate various services to facilitate connections between companies and potential job candidates.

Project implementation

In the Moongro project, our team focused on three key technical aspects to enhance the platform's efficiency and user experience.

Firstly, we used Drupal for robust backend functionality, ensuring a strong and scalable foundation. Secondly, we performed a Drupal version migration, upgrading the platform to the latest version of Drupal. This was crucial for improving performance and security, essential elements for a recruitment platform handling sensitive user data.

Lastly, we concentrated on site building and theming, customizing the website's appearance and functionality. This step aligned the site’s aesthetic with Moongro's branding.

Current status

The project is currently in a phase of continuous improvements and maintenance. The project was marked by excellent communication between our team and Moongro. The Moongro platform effectively caters to the needs of young job seekers and professionals