Drupal, CSS, jQuery

Triem's online product catalog development

Triem's online product catalog development

Case study: Triem's online product catalog development

Client: Triem

Industry: Heavy industry equipment

Technologies: Drupal, CSS, jQuery

Project Overview

The project's main objective was to develop an online product catalog for Triem, a company specializing in manufacturing and selling heavy industry equipment. This catalog aimed to enhance the online presence of Triem and provide customers with an efficient and user-friendly ordering experience.

Project goals

  1. To create a comprehensive digital catalog showcasing Triem's products.
  2. Implement functionalities that allow customers to easily place orders through the website.

Project implementation

1. Drupal Backend Development - we established a robust and secure backend using Drupal, catering to the specific needs of an e-commerce platform.
2. Site building and theming - the focus was on building a user-friendly website with an intuitive layout, ensuring that customers can navigate the product catalog easily.
3. Customization with CSS and jQuery - we enhanced the website’s interactivity and visual appeal, making the browsing and ordering process more engaging.

Current status

The project has been successfully completed and is currently in a maintenance phase. The development process was smooth, with effective communication and collaboration ensuring timely completion.


The new product catalog significantly improved Triem’s online visibility and accessibility to customers. The website now offers a seamless ordering experience, making it easier for customers to browse and purchase products. The intuitive design and functionality of the site have contributed to a positive user experience, likely leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.