Symfony, SCSS, JavaScript

The Go-To platform development

The Go-To platform development

Case study: The Go-To platform development

Client: The Go-To

Industry: Event management and discovery

Technologies: Symfony, SCSS, JavaScript

Project Overview

The Go-To is an innovative platform designed to aggregate all events in the Netherlands into one comprehensive calendar. This platform is a one-stop destination for discovering events ranging from markets and theaters to local festivals, all tailored to the user's location.

Project goals

  1. To create a singular platform listing all events in the Netherlands.
  2. Implement a feature allowing users to search for events based on their current location and display the distance from these events.

Project Implementation

1. Developed a robust backend using Symfony to handle complex data operations and user queries.
2. Focused on user-friendly site building and theming to enhance user experience and engagement.
3. Created an intuitive admin panel for efficient management and updating of event listings.
4. Connected the platform with different APIs for importing event data, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of events.


Users had access to a single platform that listed all events in the Netherlands, making it easier to find and participate in local events. The search functionality based on the user's location and the display of event distances offered a personalized and localized event discovery experience. The admin panel allowed for seamless updating and management of event listings, keeping the platform current and reliable.

Current status

The project was successfully completed and entered a maintenance phase. However, it has since been decommissioned. We'd like to acknowledge the excellent management and efforts that contributed to its successful completion and operation during its active period.