Drupal, React.js, Betting API

ScreenMaestro project development

ScreenMaestro project development

Case study: ScreenMaestro project development

Client: Develomon (we hired ourselves, it’s our product)

Project: ScreenMaestro

Technologies: Drupal, React.js, Betting API

Project Overview

ScreenMaestro, initially conceptualized for a client, evolved into an internal product. It's a dynamic display control system designed for televisions in betting shops, although its application extends beyond this to various locations.

The system allows for the display of live betting information, match results, and marketing materials like images and videos. It's centrally managed through Drupal, enabling straightforward content adjustments on any TV in any location.

Project goals

  1. To create a system that controls TV displays, showcasing a range of content, including live betting, match results, and marketing materials.
  2. Ensure that the display on any television can be easily managed from a central Drupal system.
  3. Design the system to be adaptable for use in various settings, not limited to betting shops.

Project implementation

1. We used Drupal as a Backend and content management system.
2. Implemented React.js to handle data processing and visualization, ensuring a smooth and dynamic user interface.
3. Covered all stages from design, development, and hosting, to ongoing support.

Current status

The first version of ScreenMaestro is complete and successfully in use by one client, with potential adoption by another.

The marketing content display works excellently, while the live betting display section is undergoing refactoring and optimization for improved performance.

Since we’re the client, we can say that in-house collaboration and communication were at a high level throughout the project, although we believe we could have put better management practices in place. That’s our next milestone.

However, our first client is pleased in all segments, and ScreenMaestro has the potential for wider market adoption.