Drupal, SCSS, JavaScript

Elopak's Pure-Pak® brand presentation

Elopak's Pure-Pak® brand presentation

Case study: Elopak's Pure-Pak® brand presentation

Client: Elopak

Industry: Sustainable packaging

Technologies used: Drupal, SCSS, JavaScript

Project Overview

The project's primary goal was to create an engaging online presentation for Elopak's Pure-Pak® brand, renowned for its environmentally friendly carton packaging solutions. This project aimed to showcase the brand's commitment to sustainability and innovation in packaging.

Project goals

  1. To effectively present the Pure-Pak® brand and its values in an interactive and visually appealing manner.
  2. Emphasize the eco-friendly aspects of the Pure-Pak® packaging solutions.

Project implementation

1. Drupal Backend Development - we developed a scalable backend using Drupal, ensuring the site's stability and security.
2. Site building and theming - we focused on creating a user-friendly website with an intuitive design that aligns with the Pure-Pak® brand's identity.
3. Interactive features - we used JavaScript and SCSS to implement interactive features that engage users and effectively communicate the brand's message.

Current status

The project has been successfully completed and has now transitioned into a maintenance phase. The team expressed great satisfaction in working on a project that supports such a noble cause, reflecting Elopak's commitment to sustainability.


The development of the Pure-Pak® brand presentation website for Elopak represents a significant step in promoting their sustainable packaging. The platform not only aligns with Elopak's vision but also serves as a tool for educating and engaging the public about the importance of eco-friendly packaging.